Katie & Tim

Katie and Tim were a joy to work with! This was a fun wedding to shoot and an emotional one as well.  Katie and Tim have such a strong love and passion for each other, and this made their day go by without a hiccup or a flaw.  I think my favorite part of this wedding was shooting the First Looks.  There was such raw emotion that you could’t help but be touched and awed.  I know this couple will have a long and happy marriage without a doubt. The wedding had a sassy but elegant feel to it with red dresses for the bridesmaids and red vests for the guys.  The groomsmen were a funny bunch, and there was plenty of playful banter going on during the pictures, so it was easy to capture their true characters.

Source: http://elliekatephotographyblog.wordpress.com/2012/07/04/katie-tim/