Oh Baby! Newborn Portraits

This weekend I took newborn portraits for little Fankie J. Newborn pictures are different than any other photo shoot a photographer will work on. First of all, its really important to schedule a newborn session within the first week of birth, or during the very beginning of the second week. It's during this time that the baby will sleep the most deeply. Frankie was a little older than most babies are for newborn pictures, but just barely.

These pictures were taken during two different sessions. During the first session, he wasn't feeling nap time...It was just too exciting for him. Poor baby just wasn't having it. We scheduled our next session for three days later.

He slept like a rock! This time I used a space heater for a little more heat and white noise to keep him calm. I wish I had taken pictures of the set up...but it didn't even cross my mind.

During the shoot, his mama was always inches away and he was never in any danger. We had a very safe and successful shoot!