Engagement Sessions: Advice for the Newly Engaged


It’s important to book your engagement shoot early! I suggest at least 6-8 months before your wedding day. This allows time to order and send out your Save-the-Dates.


Choose a location that means something to you or represents who you are as a couple. Choose somewhere you will feel comfortable. Here are some ideas:

  • The beach at sunset
  • A winery/vineyard
  • A rolling field of wheat
  • Doing an activity you both enjoy
  • Your backyard


I encourage my clients to bring a wardrobe change to their engagement session to add variety. I suggest wearing something that reveals a little bit of your personality or the theme of your wedding. This makes the shoot fun and interesting!


Many couples feel a bit shy in front of the camera. It's the classic "what do I do with my hands" scenario, but engagement sessions should be relaxing.  Laughter is the best tool for a fun engagement shoot; A korney joke and maybe even a bit of wine is a sure fire way to produce genuine smiles!

Its important to be in the moment. If you have the sudden urge to kiss your fiance on the forehead...DO IT! If you feel like swinging her around to make her laugh...DO IT! If you just want to sit and relax...DO IT! I provide direction when it is needed, but I also cherish the candid moments between couples because that's when you get the most genuine expressions and most memorable pictures.