Temecula, CA Newborn Photography: Scarlett Elizabeth, born October 8, 2014

Paso Robles, CA Newborn Photography

San Luis Obispo, CA Newborn Portraits


Newborn photography has a special place in my heart. Those little fingers and little toes are such a gift from God; my heart seems to melt with each session. I fall more in love with what I do each time I get to hold a little baby in my arms either if they are sound asleep or if it's to sooth their crying. The most important thing during a newborn photo shoot is safety and comfort. I am extremely conscientious about safety and I of course have my whooping cough vaccine.

Parents usually choose to have the photo shoot take place in the comfort of their own home so the baby doesn't have to leave their nest unnecessarily; however, sometimes the weather permits for a safe outdoor shoot, which always makes for amazing images. For more information on what to expect during your newborn photo session, please visit my blog or send me an email!